3. Import Products into Subcategory


If you want to import products to subcategories of your store you must first of all prepare the file, which contains necessary data to import.

Import/Export wizard allows to use files in various formats, namely that are supported in Microsoft Excel - xls, xlsx, xml; text formats - txt, csv and spreadsheet OpenDocument format - ods.

Welcome step

The first steps of import to subcategory are identical to the import product process in general. If you use for importing data ofxml format so in the window of conversion (transform) columns (called nodes) to csv columns

you should choose type of transformation.This option is set by wizard automatically depending on composition of the current file. To convert nodes into the columns of csv file you should press the necessary ones in the

left pane and drag them into the appropriate field in the right pane of the window.

Transform source xml file to output csv

In order to facilitate this operation you can use the 'Link Automatically' button that allows automatically select the appropriate nodes and attach them to the suitable columns.

Clear all links

In case of discrepancies or mistakes you can cancel the previous operation by pressing the 'Clear All Links' button. If the error is selective - use the button that contains opposite each column - .

If all steps of this stage are made, click 'Next' to continue. The next window displays transformed data in tabular form with columns that have been attached in the previous window and possible delimiters

that separates category and value from each other. They should leave by default (no change).

In the 'Assign .csv columns to Database Fields' window you can form data that will be imported, by attaching it to the database fields of your store. After choosing the type of the product identification

(i.e. for which indicator these products will be recognized during import wizard) you can press 'Next' button to advance to the next step. After reviewing the file to import you can specify a number of raw from which the import

procedure will be started. In the 'Import Options' window you can specify to which exactly subcategory you want to add these products. To do this in 'Category Options' section on the right side of the window in the

drop-down tree of store categories select the desired subcategory and double-click on it with your mouse.

Choose categories step

To check the import result close the Wizard window and in the 'Products & Categories' page of Store Manager select necessary subcategory - it must contains the imported products.

Products list in Store Manager