1. Backup/Restore


Maintaining a backup and restore of your Store Database is not only a good practice but a real necessity.

Backing up the database allows recovery of the database either partially or totally in case of an operating system, software, hardware failure or human mistakes.

These can damage or make the database inoperative and the data inaccessible.

The backup and recovery Wizard gives you the ability to configure possible database restore scenarios.

The backup and restore Wizard gives you the ability to configure possible database restore scenarios. You can:

Database Backup and Restore can be accessed in Tools menu.

Database Backup

To make Database Backup start Database Backup/Restore Wizard:

1. Select Backup entire current database to perform.

Backup current store database

2. Specify a file for your DB backup to be saved in.

Database backup file

3. Select the tables you wish to backup. In this case when you have chosen Backup entire database all tables would be checked, but you can check or uncheck them all by yourself.

Restore from backup or Restore default database with initial data.

Database tables step

Using top toolbar you can manage data you want to backup.

"Select all" - allows to choose all data from your database for backup;

"Clear Selection" - cancels your previous selection;

"Invert Selection " - means to transform specified selection on the opposite;

"Preset" - pre-set filter for data backup. You can choose from the drop-down list necessary selection or create your own filter for data backup, using '

' button.

In the field, which appears, specify the required filter's parameters and click 'Ok' button. To launch filter simply click on the 'Use Preset' button.


" button serves to remove filter parameter if you want.

4. There is also a possibility to save only database structure (tables with no data).

Options step

You have an opportunity to save backup settings in the backup wizard directly or to a separate file, by selecting the appropriate action when you press 'Save Settings' button.

Keep in mind, that choosing the second variant to complete the procedure of backup will need some time.

Please also note, that the first option makes it impossible further database restoration.

To start backup process press 'Backup' button.

4. On the next page, you're able to preview the result of the backup procedure.

Finish step

Database Restore

To make Database Restore start Database Backup/Restore Wizard:

1. Select Restore over current database option and press Next to proceed.

Restore current database

2. Specify a file for your DB backup to be Restored from.

Restore database file

3. Preview the script you wish to Restore from.

Restore database script

Attention! By clicking "Next" button you're starting the restore from the file selected before.

4. On this step you can choose variants to restore the database: cleanse the database before the procedure and restore all files.

Also, there is a possibility to clear current database before restoring.

Force Clear DB option excludes this possibility that some current database data not mentioned in the script stays as is.

Restore database options

You can also save restore configuration in a .cfg file or in backup/restore wizard directly, using 'Save Settings' button.

5. On the final step, you're able to check the result of restore procedure and all errors occurred during script extraction.

After the database is restored from a backup image, it will only allow users to access the data available at the time the backup image was taken.

All the database changes made from that point on are lost.

Multiple Database Backup

To make backup for multiple stores simultaneously start Database Backup/Restore Wizard:

1. Launch Backup/Restore Wizard and choose from the 'Welcome' page the required operation.

Backup multiple stores

2. Specify target directory, where the file will be placed and check the appropriate stores, which databases will be duplicated.

Select Stores step

Please note, that pressing "Backup" button you're keeping all actions in the directory you have selected above.

To start the process click 'Backup' button.

3. Next page allows you to preview all details of multiple back-ups and see the results.

Clicking "Finish" you complete the work in the wizard.

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