9. Store Diagnostics. Updated Instruction

fmProductEdit, fmAssignCombinationImages

There are the following types of Store Diagnostics in the updated version of Store Manager for PrestaShop (starting from 2.41.0Build:1905):

Diagnostics types list

Types of diagnostics are grouped into the following sections:

Diagnostics Types' Sections


  • Images (1) related to the images assignment and their displaying at the store.

"Missing product images" shows the list of products that have an image record in the database but the corresponding image does not exist on the server.

Missing product images

You can delete records linking to not existing images or export results into a file for the supplier.

"Images with no records in database" shows the images that are available on the FTP server but in the database fields there are no records related to them.

Images with no records in database

You can erase unnecessary images to save space on a server and keep it in order.

"Product without any image" displays products that do not have any image at your store. You can remove or attach the following items to the relevant media files.

Products without any images


  • SEO (2) relates to the product data; finds and shows the records with non-standard or missing records in such fields.

"Missing meta titles or meta descriptions" - the searching via Google for the best variants by helping with the specified metadata. Current type of Diagnostics helps to find positions with missing metadata to be able to add them to the products and improve the search engine capacity at the store.

Missing meta titles or meta descriptions

"Meta title or meta description length is out of range". Make sure the titles and text in meta fields of description and title are within the limits set. So the content of meta description may contain from 50 to 156 symbols and in meta-titles - 15-69 characters in accordance. Current Diagnostics type detects these positions with the possibility of their subsequent corrections.

Meta title or meta description out of range

Note, in the corresponding fields on the left, you can see the indicator of the characters, which can change color from default black to red. The black color of the indicator means the number of characters is within the allowed limits, the red color - out of range and need to be corrected.

Meta title and Meta Description Indicator

"Meta titles duplicates" and "Meta descriptions duplicates" run to make the information in metadata unique. Such process shows the duplicated variants in meta titles and descriptions. Once it is completed you can change them to avoid duplication.

Meta title / Meta description duplicates

Opposite each position there are the options for scanning and fixing the results.

The "Scan and Fix" action can be performed for Images types of Diagnostics, namely for "Missing product images" and "Images with no records in database" only!

Scan and fix variant

During diagnostics the "Scan and Fix" action, if it was chosen before, is executing automatically. For example, images, which have no records in the store’s database, will be deleted from the database right after inspection. You should note, some fields have only the "Scan" position - the diagnosed data should be corrected manually.

Take into account, only selected positions will be scanned.

You will see the summary results in red-colored column once the process is completed:

Results in red

The chart at the bottom of the left pane displays the summary results of the diagnostics.

Bottom chart

Each segment of the chart relates to the corresponding diagnostic’s type. Moving from one colored position to another one you thereby activate a certain type and open its results on the right.

Missing product image diagram

The right side of the section contains the dynamic toolbar which varies depending on the type of store diagnostics, chosen from the drop-down list :

Dynamic toolbar

For example, you can preview the results of "Missing meta titles or meta descriptions" diagnostics on the right and make the correction within the current section:

    • From the drop-down list choose the necessary type (see an illustration above)
    • Select the position from the results list that you want to change
    • Perform the recommended action (in our case - "edit product"). The Product’s Editor will open over the current window where you can fill the empty fields and press [OK] to save the entries.
Edit product in Diagnostic section

In addition, in case the multi-stores management, the results of the Diagnostics can be sorted depending on store view that is currently selected.

Results within selected Store View

Each type has own recommended actions related to the specific diagnostic process, represented in the top toolbar.

Let’s consider each diagnostics type’s toolbar one-by-one.

Recommended Actions of Each Type of Store Diagnostics

Missing product images

Missing product images

You can perform the following actions:

Replace image

- "Replace Image" allows to replace an empty record to the correct one. Current option opens the drive system, where you can find the suitable variant and press [OK] to keep the choice.

Then, the selected position disappears from the diagnostics results page, since it has already assigned illustration and the chart (diagram) will display one fixed position in green below.

Go to Product option

- "Ggo to Product" moves to the Products page of Store Manager, namely to the product with the missing image.

Delete Broken Record

- "Delete Broken Record removes selected record (missed illustration) from the store’s database.

Images with no record in database

Images with no records in database toolbar
    • "Open in Browser". To be able to see an image at the store it should be openable and acceptable in the web. Use the current option to check this.
    • "Delete Image" removes non-existing record from the FTP server.

Products without any image

Products without any image toolbar
    • "Go to Product"calls the "Product Edit" form on Products page of Store Manager that does not have any illustration assigned
    • "Select Image from Local Disk" opens the local drive system from which you can select the necessary record
    • "Link Available Images". In case of multi-stores, the images assigned to the product within one store will be linked to other store views automatically
    • "Manually Link Images" (1) performs searching for all images that are assigned to the current product among the other store views and in case there are variants (combinations), displays the following form (2):
Manually Link Stages

Check the checkbox and click on the [OK] to keep the choice.

Missing meta titles or meta descriptions

Missing Meta titles or Meta Descriptions
    • "Go to Product". You can move to the product on Products list of Store Manager to make the correction
    • "Edit Product" allows to fill the empty Metadata without living the Store Diagnostics section. The "Product Edit" form with the required fields will appear above the current window.
Missing product titles descriptions

Specify the Meta title and Meta Description and press [OK] button to save the entries.

Meta title or Meta description is out of range

Missing titles or Descriptions out of range

Has the similar option in the toolbar as the previous one.

    • "Go to Product". This option moves to the products page of the program, namely to the position of the selected product for viewing and editing its details
    • "Edit Product" allows editing fields with incorrect to the limits data directly without living the current section:
Meta titles or description is out of range stages

Meta titles duplicates

Performs the searching process for duplicates in the products’ meta titles in all store views. Has the following options in the top toolbar:

Meta title duplicates toolbar
    • "Go to Product" shows the product’s position in Products page of Store Manager with all details.
    • "Edit Product" opens the product's "Edit" form on the Meta Title page, so you can change the products details and fix the inconsistency without living the Store Diagnostics section.
Meta title duplicate editing

Meta description duplicates

Finds the duplicates in the Products Meta Description fields in all store views.

By using the top toolbar you can perform the following operations:

    • "Go to Product" open the product in Products page of Store Manager with all details.
    • "Edit Product". This option opens the form for editing of the selected product on the Metadata page. You can make the changes and keep staying in the current section.
Meta description duplicates editing

HTML Tags in Meta titles and Meta Description

Searches for HTML tags in Metadata of the products and shows the results on the right.

You can perform the following actions by using the top toolbar:

    • "Go to Product" displays the selected product on the Products page of Store Manager
    • "Edit Product" makes the correction directly. To do so open the Meta Tags fields in Edit Product form within Store Diagnostics section.
HTMl meta tags in description

External URLs in Descriptions

This type of diagnostics verifies the external links in product descriptions of all store views, their availability and correctness. If the URL paths are not correct and unacceptable in the web, you will see the results in the right and can performed the following actions by using the top toolbar:

External URLs in Descriptions
    • "Go to Product" allows to see the product in the products page of Store Manager
    • "Edit Product" moves to the Description field (1) to make the necessary correction (2) and keep staying in the Store Diagnostics section.
External URLs in Product Descriptions editing

Important, in case of multi-stores, the results will be displayed for each store view separately. You can see the column '"Shop ID"

in the results table.

Shop ID column

So, for example, if you have to fix the number of characters in Meta description field (‘Meta title or Meta Description is out of range’ type of Store Diagnostics), you should perform the correction for each store view individually.

Example Meta Description store views

Important, in case of multi-lingual store every correction should be done for each language individually!

For example, if the "Meta Title" and "Meta Description" are missing for English and French languages of the store, the changes need to be done in each tab of the "Product Edit" form (as you can check in the screenshot below):

Multi-lingual store

The histograms at the bottom of the page makes the possibility to monitor the number of the corrected (fixed) positions for a certain period.

Histograms at the bottom

The filter allows to select the date/time intervals for data display.

Filter period

Note: an orange part of the histogram shows the issues, the green - the issues which have been solved (fixed).

Starting from the last Store Manager update you can use the additional diagnostics types to check the consistency of stored data in the database tables.

Data Integrity check-box - select it to run all sub-types at once.

Take into account the possible actions opposite. Determine which one can be attracted to the current process:

  • "Products with extra language records". If the store database has the tables with an extra language records, this type of diagnostics will determine and show these positions with the recommended action.

To be able to resolve the problem delete the submitted data:

Step 1. Click the [Fix] button:

Step 2. Confirm your action:

  • "Products with missing language records". Investigate if your store database has tables with the missing language entries.

"Recommend to add the records that are missing". Note, an action is automatic and right after clicking the action button in the toolbar the record(s) will be added to the database:

You can see the dynamics of the updates in the chart below:

  • "Products without shop association". This type of diagnostics retrieves a list of products that have no records on shop association in the database. Provides with the possibility to assign the resulted data to one of the available stores or delete the records:

a. "Assign to the shop" provides with the form of available stores to assign:

b. "Delete the resulted data" confirms the action to remove:

  • "Products with extra shop records". In case of the discrepancy between an actual number of stores and the recorded in the store database, the diagnostics will detect following inaccuracies and suggest the ways to resolve them.

You can see the summary results on the right side of the diagnostics form. To fix the problems use the following recommended action - [Delete Record(s)]:

  • "Extra stock available records" helps to find out any inappropriate record in the database tables, related to the product stock availability. The button with recommended action allows to delete the record from the database automatically after the confirmation:

Note, the recommended action for each diagnostics type can be launched from the context menu as well (see the example below):

If you need any assistance or want to get more information about Store Diagnostics section functionality in Store Manager for PrestaShop, contact our Support Center and we will gladly help you.