7. Localization


In case your native language is not English, you can easily set your own language interface by using the "Localization" section of Store Manager.

Select "Preferences" - find the desired one in the list of available sectors. After pressing it the form of all existing languages appears.

Localization in Preferences

Opposite each position there is an icon for downloading and installation relevant language package and the ratio of language translation.

Localization icons

In addition, if the position has unfinished state (ie, the value of less than 100 percentage of translation) the informative option is available, which moves to our page on translation program and its conditions.

Informatical icon in Localization section

To activate selected language press the corresponding option at the bottom.

Lower buttons in Localization form

Hit [OK] to exit from the "Localization" form and update program interface.

Choose [Cancel] to discard your choice.

You can change language interfaces by using the top area of Store Manager. In the left upper side find the field with the activated language and the arrow, which uncovers the drop-down list of languages available to switch over.

Choose language from a list

If you don't see the necessary language, select "Other Languages" position -

Other Languages...

and you will move to the "Localization" section of Store Manager. It contains the list of all possible translated packages with their further activation possibility.