5. Email settings


This section allows to set up your Store Manager for Prestashop to use SMTP for the e-mails delivery.

1. Click on 'Preferences' and then on 'Email Settings' tab;

Check settings and send email

2. If you choose 'simple' mode for email settings, you should type the only email address and email password in the appropriate fields.

To check your settings click on the corresponding button in the window.

When you received such message as:

Error Message

you should switch the 'advanced' mode and type necessary information in the fields below:

Advanced Email Settings

- SMTP server: your SMTP server, if using Gmail insert - "smtp.gmail.com",

- SMTP user - if you check 'Use SMTP Authentication' field - your email address (e.g. username@domain.com) and SMTP password as your email password;

- SMTP Connection security: SSL/TLS;

- SMTP Server Port: 465 (by default);

You can change manually the fields values, in which specified connection timeout, mail send delay or the number of attempts to send.

Then click 'OK' button. If you wish to test your changes - press 'Check Settings and Send Test Email' button.

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