Product Combinations Generator

fmAttributeGenerator - Combinations Generator.

If you have many products and have no time, then the Product Combination Generator is for you. This option allows you to create and apply multiple combinations of attributes to products in bulk.

In order to Add or Edit the Combination, select the products you need to apply the attributes to (press Ctrl + mouse).

Then select Combinations from the menu under the product grid.

Combinations position

Then select the Product Combinations Generator

Combination Generator

Or as an alternative way you can choose the appropriate option from the product's top toolbar:

Generators option in the Products top toolbar

In the window Add or Modify product combinations, you will be able to manage your attributes combinations.

Enter the name of the Reference and the Quantity.

Select the attributes from the Available Attributes grid.

Press Add, in order to add them to the Product Attributes grid.

If you want to remove an attribute, select it and press Delete button.

After all, attributes applied to the products, press Generate button, in order to generate new Attributes Combinations.

During exporting products with combinations, do not forget to select all fields, related to the combined details. In other cases, such data will not be exported.

Combination fields

The same, while importing, make sure the all columns with combinations are linked with the appropriate fields of the store database:

Combinations fields

Take a note on the identification field in the upper area of the current window - you should select one of the identifiers by which the Store Manager will recognize such product details during processing:

Identify combination by//drop-down list

Only under such conditions the items with combinations will be properly transferred.

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