Cart Rules / Price Rules


Pricing rules - new feature of Store Manager. These rules are established for one or many customers of the store to interest and allocate them.

Rules built around customers of the store as known as Cart Rules (it is the same as coupons or vouchers).

These rules are represented in Administration section of Store Manager.

Cart Rules

Using toolbar you can perform the following operations:

Cart Rules Toolbar

1) to create new rule for appropriate customer(s) of your store click 'Add Rule' button. It calls 'Edit cart-rule information' window where you can specify the necessary information about a newly created rule:

1.1 ‘Information’ tab consists of code field - enter a special code of the discount manually or press next to this field button to generate random code; write a description of the special proposal that will be visible only to you;

- check additional conditions for price rule's creation that are at the bottom of the window.

For example, "Partial Use" option only applicable if the voucher (cart rule) value is greater than the cart total. If you do not allow partial use, the voucher (rule) value will be lowered to the total order amount.

If you allow a partial use a new voucher will be created with the reminder.

You can set the order of processing of available rules (vouchers). For example, if you put a number "one" in the 'Priority' field, then the current cart rule will be processed first.

That is, the lower of the priority number, the faster this rule will be applied.

1.2 In the ‘conditions’ tab you need to make the data on the application of the cart rule.

- choose customers, which cart rule will be used to, indicate timing of voucher activity, the minimum number of units which it is applied to, specify the number of times the rule can be used and the number of customers to which it is applied too.

Conditions tab

1.3 You have an opportunity to set for the newly created rule certain limitations by selecting Restrictions tab.

To do this, you should check required fields: for example, you can set restrictions for some groups of customers: only for 'Guests' and 'Visitors' groups or for certain countries ('Country selection' field) and so on.

Restrictions tab

1.4 In 'Actions' tab please specify the details of the application certain pricing rules. If you want to make free shipping for selected customers check the 'Free shipping' field.

You can also assign the discount in the 'Apply a discount' field:

    • as a percentage (percent (%)). It should specify the discount value and to what exactly it will be applied. Served the following options in the drop down list:

- To order (before shipping)

- For specific products;

- Cheapest products to the store;

- To selected products.

Apply discount to...
    • apply discount in a numeric value (amount): choose the required currency (according to the price of the product currency of your store), take into account or not a tax value and choose the application of this discount from the drop down list, namely to order without shipping or to a specific product.
Apply account to..(numeric)
    • If you do not want to give a discount -simply check the field 'None'.
None field in Actions tab

In 'Actions' tab you can also give customers a free gift for their order, by checking the 'Send a free gift' option at the bottom of this window.

Send a free gift option

You can use the toolbar to rules, that have been already created at your store and perform the following operations:

-firstly, edit the existing ones by clicking on 'Edit Rule' button. It calls the form of editing data, where you can change or correct the current voucher's information;

- secondly, remove rule from the available list by clicking the 'Delete Rule' button;

- thirdly, save all your rules’ data in excel or HTML use the Export to Excel/HTML drop-down menu.

- refresh data forces cart rules list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.