9. Content Management System (CMS)


A Content Management System (CMS) in Store Manager for PrestaSshop is designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit or delete existing pages of an online store.

Go to Store Manager "Administration" tab and choose CMS Content section.

Сontent management

You will see a list of existing pages that are available in your online store.

List of Page

You can add new, edit or delete selected one, pressing the corresponding buttons on CMS’s toolbar:

CMS toolbar

If you select one of the existing pages and click on [Edit Page] button, "Edit CMS Page" form will appear. You can change CMS category name, meta description, URL path and work with the page content, using HTML editor for that.

CMS page - edit form

When you entered all necessary information, please press [OK] button.

Let’s see how to create your own page via CMS Content option.

Click [Add Page] button and this window will appear below.

Type meta title, meta description, meta Keywords and friendly URL. From the "Page Content" field click [Edit HTML] button to format your new page content and then click the button again to return to the content editor.

You can also enable/disable the "Indexation" option of the selected page. To do so select-unselect the relevant check-box in the "Edit CMS Page Data" form:

Indexation field

When the page is complete, press [OK] button.

The updated page is immediately published in the list of existing pages.

Test Page